Winter in Newcastle

surferanddolphinsAs the summer disappears and winter is on our doorstep it’s hard not to feel that something is being taken away from us. Well that’s how some may feel, but not me.

As the days are getting shorter and a little cooler I like to get busy.

Not busy with work. I’m talking about getting busy outdoors.

This time of year the wind turns off shore and there is usually a little more swell around so what could be better than putting your wetsuit on for a surf under the winter sun. This could be during a break from work at Newcastle beach or another close favourite surf spot or on a short trip away from Newcastle.

The next activity that keeps me busy during the shorter days may be a bit of a surprise to some but there is nothing like a snow trip (yes we have snow in Australia) to help pass the days.  Usually I head to Perisher, which is a couple of hours from Canberra (Australia’s capital). The trips are from 2 or 3 days up to a week and defiantly not for the meek. The aim of these trips is to fit in as much as we can in a short amount of time. Many have only ever done one trip and been forever scared to return. Then there are a few that would not miss it for anything.

There is something quiet cool about surfing and snowboarding in the same 24-hour period. And that’s how our trips begin with an afternoon surf in Newcastle then some food, a sleep and we are off to Perisher about 11ish. Driving through the night we arrive at Perisher (hopefully) with enough time to dump our gear, maybe a quick nap, grab some brekkie and gear up for first lifts. (I can’t wait)

The onset of winter reminds me of something my mate Michael from Norway used to tell me “There’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes”.’ve never been to Norway though I imagine here in Newcastle we have nothing to complain about in comparison.

The crystal clear winter days make the sky seem bluer, the trees and grass seem greener and everything just seems brighter so why would you want to be inside just because it’s a little cooler.

So what other activities are better to do while we wait for summer to return in and around Newcastle?

Here is my short list.


Cycling (road or mountain your choice)

Horse riding

Motor biking/Quad biking

Whale watching


Hunter Valley vineyards

Hiking up the Barrington


Paddling with the dolphins


Barefoot bowls in the sun

I’m sure there will be Novocastrians out there saying what about this and that, but I only have so much time you know.

Winter is pretty short.