End of ‘summer time’

While traveling Australia you might have to change your clocks a few times. You could turn the time back and forth anything between 30min and 4 hours. That goes to show how big this country is. Time zones follow roughly the longitudes. To make it a bit more confusing some states have daylight savings  (‘summer time’) whereas others don’t. Sadly for us in NSW the long days of summer are over tonight. https://www.backpackersbythebeach.com.au/end-of-summer-time/ https://www.backpackersbythebeach.com.au/end-of-summer-time/ https://www.backpackersbythebeach.com.au/end-of-summer-time/Daylight savings ends and we will turn back time. Hoooray for me because my morning shift basically starts one hour later :) Reason enough to get up a bit earlier today to watch the sun rise before work.