The Obelisk

Besides to the Bogey Hole, the Obelisk is another reminder of the area of Colonel Morisset. The Commandant of Newcastle ordered the construction of a windmill, which was completed in 1820. Only 27 years later the government decided to get rid of the mill and sold it in an auction. The demolishment of the mill was followed by a storm of protest amongst mariners. They used the windmill high up on the hill as a guiding mark for vessels approaching the harbour. Eventually the government erected the Obelisk 3 years later as a new guiding mark along the coast. The view from up there is stunning and best enjoyed at sunrise and sunset.

The Queens Wharf Tower

Many jokes have been made about the shape of the Queens Wharf Tower. Have a look yourself and while you are there, make sure you climb the 180 steps to the top. 30 meters above the ground, the observation level offers great views of Newcastle and the harbour.

Fort Scratchley

Located on Nobbys Road between Nobbys Beach and Newcastle Beach Fort Scatchly is a National Historic Landmark. Learn about its long history, enjoy the breathtaking views or join a guided tour of the site and through the amazing underground tunnels.

Nobbys Lighthouse

Built in 1858 Nobbys lighthouse is up to today an active lighthouse and signal station. The grounds are open to the public every Sunday from 10am to 4pm. From here you have a great view over the city and the Pacific Ocean.

The Christ Church Cathedral

A distinct landmark in the Newcastle skyline is the Christ Church Cathedral. This by Australian standards very large church is open for visitors and holds daily services.